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Journey to the Top of the Nether

The crystal wall of the Nether could never be climbed, until now!

Natina grew up studying the artifacts found by her mother, a famous explorer. She'd be comfortable helping her parents research at home, if only her mother were home more often. Now her mother wants Natina to join the expedition to climb the incredibly high walls of the Nether. The discovery of an ancient steampunk beetle that can drill into the mineral of the Nether means they will become the first to ever reach the top of the wall, if they survive.

The Nether's walls are smooth like crystal, any fall will mean certain death, and no one knows what or who may lurk above the clouds. There are even rumors of another team of explorers following them, trying to steal their glory. It could be the chance of a lifetime for Natina, and a good way to learn how her mother became the most famous explorer of the ten species. The only risk is a fall to her death!

If you love Jules Verne-style adventure, discovering new sights, and perilous action, you'll love this new voyage in William C. Tracy's Dissolutionverse. Pick up Journey to the Top of the Nether for a riveting read today!

Journey to the Top of the Nether

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