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Purple Sky

Space Wizard

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The Five Hive Plateau


Would you disobey the most powerful maji to stop a war?

When Origon Cyrysi receives word of the genocide on the homeworld of the Pixies, he decides he must help them, even if he has to disobey the Council of the Maji.

But there is a good reason the Council stays out of homeworld politics. Origon may have stepped into more than he can handle, and it could cost him his life.

Download this FREE novelette to get an introduction to the Dissolutionverse, and after you’re done, check the details inside to get another free story. Discover the Dissolutionverse today!

Down Among the Mushrooms

Down Among the Mushrooms 600x900.jpg

While the colony is being built, love will flourish.

Agetha is busy leading a construction team to build the newest section of the colony. When disaster strikes and the biomass develops strange new features, she is thrust together with a new friend: Beth.


As their relationship develops, she soon learns Beth holds secrets of her own. Why is she stuck in a dead end job, anyway?


But their relationship might be cut short, in the face of a looming disaster from the biomass that could erase years of construction and set the colony back to its beginning.


Find out what happens in this short story of The Biomass Conflux, set between Of Mycelium and Men and To a Fungus Unknown!


Shhh! You can get this book for FREE right here! If you do, please leave a review on Amazon!

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