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Thank you everyone for your awesome submissions! Space Wizard (currently at least) publishes about twelve new books a year and we have so many amazing new stories, our slate is filled up for Space Wizard Year 3 (June 2024 to June 2025)! Any subsequent books accepted will not be published until after June 2025.

Thanks and keep writing!

William Tracy

Are you an indie author who is tired of self-publishing or doesn’t want to handle the marketing side of things? Let Space Wizard Science Fantasy do the heavy lifting!

We specialize in queer science fiction, fantasy, and science fantasy novels and novellas, no matter the queer element. M/M, F/F, Poly, Bi, Pan, Trans, Ace, Neurodivergent, other gender representation, and more. BIPOC authors are especially encouraged to submit manuscripts. Space Wizard Science Fantasy strives to uplift queer and marginalized voices that are currently not as prevalent in the SFF community.

Overall, we love entertaining, captivating, and fun stories. Darker elements can be in the books, but we strive to bring hope and inspiration with the stories we publish.

Note: we do accept novella length works, though we prefer each year of Space Wizard to have at least twice as many full novels included as novellas (currently around 4 novellas max). If we have a lot of novellas set for a certain year, new acceptances may be pushed to the next publishing year. If your novella is less than 25,000 words, you may be asked to expand your story. We have found longer novellas sell better than shorter ones.

We do not accept novelette-length and short stories at the moment, as we prefer to have a print version available for all works and those lengths are hard to provide satisfying hard copies. There may be options for novelettes and short stories included in anthologies, in the future.

We do not accept stories created with AI systems.

If you are interested in publishing with Space Wizard Science Fantasy, please send a query, the wordcount, and the first 5-10 pages of your work (no attachments) to wctracy at williamctracy dot com, or use the contact form below.

We also provide developmental editing and copy editing services. Look up our copy editing timing and fees here.

Thanks, and see you around the universe!

Illustrations Collage

What Makes Us Different

Space Wizard Science Fantasy focuses primarily on queer and BIPOC writers and stories. We pride ourselves on making sure our authors get great exposure and marketing for their books. A common problem for small presses is to overreach, and not deliver. Space Wizard aims to stay debt-free on initial releases, as well as giving great royalty rates, wholesale prices for authors to buy their books, up-to-date covers, and effective, continual marketing for all books in our catalog. If you're an indie author who is tired of self-publishing or doesn’t want to handle the marketing side of things, Space Wizard Science Fantasy can do the heavy lifting for you!

We handsell books at 20+ conventions, markets, and pop-ups per year, and we're always looking for new marketing strategies. We also use a crowdfunding campaign every June to raise awareness for the next year of book releases, as well as gathering funds to help pay for great book covers, semi-pro and pro rates for stories, and illustrations. Authors are encouraged to help spread the word during the campaign! It's a great way to get a first batch of preorders for your new novel.

General Submissions Form 

If you are interested in publishing with Space Wizard Science Fantasy, fill out this form. Include the first 5-10 pages of your work as text in the indicated field. 

Thanks for submitting!

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