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Physical Magic

Welcome to the shifting lands

Silluka was born with only one full arm and hand, in a village of bodycasters using exact physical control of every part of their bodies to summon the favor of the gods and perform incredible feats. But a new island is speeding toward their coastal town, and only the wall of storms and the godlike storm warriors are keeping the deadly hurricanes and tidal waves away.

But then a new creature bursts through the wall of storms, stronger even than Silluka’s brother Ichu, the best bodycaster in the village. It’s only the forerunner for a species of terrifying turtlemen: fast, deadly, and ready to invade the larger island.

Pushed into a journey by an elder of the village who is not who she seems, an octopus-like technological wizard who worships eldritch gods, and her brother’s failing abilities, Silluka must learn the scope of the world outside her village. She must learn Physical Magic.

Physical Magic
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