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Space Station X

Will the space station bring them together or destroy them?

Engineer Jax ran away to the farthest space station from Earth in the galaxy. It’s nothing more than a pitstop, frequented only by those looking to get away, and there she wanted to live in peace. It’s a mess, but it’s her Station.

But peace was not on the cards once Saunders came on board, a chipper security officer with an infuriating habit of sneaking up on Jax and being friendly. Jax has no interest in attractive security officers reminding her of her stupidest mistakes.

Now residents are being killed. There are sounds in the walls, ghostly footsteps and murderous, ravenous threats that can’t possibly be there. Can they?

Deep space is unforgiving. The Station is dying. The residents are going bonkers. Jax discovers there are some problems that can’t be fixed by swinging an absurdly large murder-wrench.

Check out A.Z. Rozkillis' debut scifi tale, Space Station X!

Space Station X
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