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Tales of the Dissolutionverse

Ten stories from the popular Dissolutionverse universe!

Journey with a new majus as he investigates the Pixie homeworld and tries to avert a war.

Learn how to change the Symphony during a search for a majus' lost brother.

Find a new relationship on an island at war!

Travel with merchants in an old war train transporting suspicious cargo.

Fly with the first maius in space!

Discover the food and culture of the ten species.

Uncover what lurks in the basement of the House of Potential.

Investigate magic, mystery and murder when a miscreant attacks the secret Society of Two Houses!

Confront other-dimensional entities alongside an ancient being.

Climb to the top of a miles-high wall with a crew riding a giant steampunk beetle!

If you like space opera, fast-paced adventure, music-based magic, and complex, diverse characters, then you'll love this collection of stories from William C. Tracy's Dissolutionverse. Pick up Tales of the Dissolutionverse to discover the music today!

Tales of the Dissolutionverse
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