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The Rigel Redemption

The most powerful man in the solar system is going to steal the future.

Besides dealing with his teenage assistant, Moth (being enticed by her mafia family to join the business), Quirk’s nemesis Beatrix Potter has reappeared. The nonbinary assassin reveals an unprecedented power grab by Joshua Simister. The Old Man, aka TOM, aka Quirk’s ex-father-in-law plots to snatch control of all interstellar travel from the UN. The struggle for power puts the lives of Quirk’s ex-wife (committed to an asylum), his son (an electronic being), and Moth’s family under threat. Can the dysfunctional duo prevent this calamity?

From Mars, to London, to New York, to Venus: a worlds-spanning clandestine struggle rages to prevent The Old Man redoubling his already vast power. Old debts are coming due, deadly legacies inherited, and Quirk may not even survive being reunited with his family, much less his enemies.

Read the latest installment of Quirk and Moth’s adventures in The Rigel Redemption!

The Rigel Redemption
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