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The Slayer's Magic

What magic does the library hold?

Adopted at birth by a loving family of magic users, thirteen year old Ryn desperately wants to fit in, but the law is clear: only those with documented bloodlines use magic. If Ryn’s birth parents remain unknown, she will be denied the use of magic along with the knowledge and training those ancestors could provide.

When Ryn receives an unexpected invitation to search for her legacy in the closely guarded ancestral Library, she leaps at the chance. With its odd passageways and hidden treacherous rooms, the Library holds powerful knowledge, keys to ancient mysteries, and potentially, Ryn’s heritage.

To her dismay Ryn’s quest is thwarted by the very tutor who committed to mentoring her. Time is short- access to the Library will end with her tutor’s departure, and navigating this labyrinth could prove too much for a girl with no Ancestors to call on. If Ryn can’t find her heritage before she comes of age, her chance to become a magic user will disappear.

Find out what happens in The Slayer's Magic by C.J. Hosack!

The Slayer's Magic
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