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Space Wizard

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A New Website!

Hello everyone! For the first time in several years, Space Wizard Science Fantasy has a facelift! This new site has been expertly designed by Logan Drake, who did an excellent job in responding to my exacting specifications, and provided an amazing setup that makes it easier for me to show off all the new books come from Space Wizard. If you need a website built or redesigned, I highly recommend him!

So take a look around the new website! You can see what books are out now, and ones that are coming soon. One of the biggest drives in setting up this site is taking away the dependence on Amazon. So you'll find links to and Barnes and Noble as alternate places to buy paperbacks. Most exciting, you can now buy them directly from the publisher as well! This site is integrated into Square, so if you want to get a book directly from the source, signed by the author, take a look at our shop!

See you around!

William C. Tracy

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