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Purple Sky

Space Wizard

Beads of Bone

A series by

C.J. Hosack

Painted Space


The Slayer's Magic

The Slayer's Magic

What magic does the library hold?


About the Author

C.J. Hosack

C.J. Hosack grew up in Southern California loving fantasy and science fiction. She is married to her husband of thirty plus years, has four children and seven grandchildren. Adopted at eight months old, she recently found her birth parents. She has a Master’s Degree in Public History from Southern New Hampshire University, and if she’s not writing, you can generally find her quilting, costuming, or traveling to spend time with those she loves. C.J. is currently two and a half books into writing her YA fantasy series about adoption and hereditary magic. She’s a wannabe dress historian and follows many similar accounts. You can find C.J. on Twitter @CJHosack.

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