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Purple Sky

Space Wizard

Tales of Trelvania

A series by

Kristina Kelly

Painted Space

About the Author

Kristina Kelly

Since childhood, writing stories on her mother’s typewriter or trying to catalog her own books like a library, Kristina has been in love with storytelling. Her undergraduate pursuits focused on Psychology, Music, and Computer Science. With trumpet as her main instrument and a connection to nature, Kristina often works music and visual landscapes into her writings. She is an author of poetry, short stories, and novels including the Etherea Cycle which she wrote with one of her best friends; it blends SciFi with Fantasy, which she loves to do. In her spare time, she does photography, makes various crafts, plays video games (RPGs are her favorite), dabbles in other instruments, and tends to her flower garden. She loves going on new adventures in the great wide somewhere (sometimes just by picking up a new book). Kristina resides in Indiana with her husband and sons. Visit her at

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