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Purple Sky

Space Wizard

The Alchemical Duology

A series by

J.S. Fields

Painted Space

About the Author

J.S. Fields

J.S. Fields (@Galactoglucoman) is a scientist who has perhaps spent too much time around organic solvents. They enjoy roller derby, woodturning, making chainmail by hand, and cultivating fungi in the backs of minivans.

Fields has lived in Thailand, Ireland, Canada, USA, and spent extensive time in many more places. Their current research takes them to the Peruvian Amazon rainforest each summer, where they traumatizes students with machetes and tangarana ants while looking for rare pigmenting fungi. You can find their books at and support their writing (as well as get exclusive short stories, Ardulum snippets, and sneak peaks at new works) at their Patreon. Nonbinary, and yes, it matters.

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