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Purple Sky

Space Wizard

The Bastion Cycle

A series by

Alex Kingsley

Painted Space

About the Author

Alex Kingsley

Alex Kingsley (they/them) is a writer, comedian, game designer, and amateur mycologist. They are a co-founder of the new media company Strong Branch Productions, where they write and direct sci-fi comedy podcast The Stench of Adventure and other shows.

Their short fiction has appeared in Translunar Travelers Lounge, Radon Journal, The Storage Papers, and more. In 2023 they published their short story collection, The Strange Garden and Other Weird Tales. Alex’s sci-fi play “The Bearer of Bad News” premiered in LA in 2022 produced by the Annenberg Foundation, and their sci-fi play Unplanned Obsolescence premiered in Philadelphia in 2023 as part of Cannonball Festival.

Alex’s SFF-related non-fiction has appeared in Interstellar Flight Magazine and Ancillary Review of Books. Their games can be downloaded pay-what-you-will at They live in Chicago, Illinois, with their partner Noa and their cat, Ford F150.You can find them at, on BlueSky at, Instagram at hitchhikersguidetothealexy, Mastodon at, and on TikTok at alexyquest.

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