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Purple Sky

Space Wizard

The Shifting Lands

A series by

William C. Tracy

Painted Space

About the Author

William C. Tracy

William C. Tracy writes and publishes queer science fiction and fantasy through his indie press Space Wizard Science Fantasy. He also does developmental editing on all titles released from it.

His largest work is the Dissolutionverse: a space opera with music-based magic, including ten books and an RPG. He also has a standalone epic fantasy with seasonal fruit-based magic, and a nonfiction book about body mechanics and correct posture. He is currently working on the final book of The Biomass Conflux, a hard sci-fi trilogy with generational colony ships and a planet covered by a sentient fungal entity.

William is an NC native and a lifelong fan of science fiction and fantasy. He has a master’s in mechanical engineering, and has both designed and operated heavy construction machinery. He has also trained in Wado-Ryu karate since 2003 and runs his own dojo in Raleigh NC. He is an avid video and board gamer, a beekeeper, a reader, and of course, a writer.

In his spare time, he cosplays with his wife such combinations as Steampunk Agent Carter and Jarvis, Jafar and Maleficent, and Doctor Strange and the Ancient One. They also enjoy putting their pets in cute little costumes and making them cosplay for the annual Christmas card.

Follow him on Bluesky ( ) and Twitter (@wctracy) for writing updates, cat and bee pictures, and thoughts on martial arts.

Are you in the Raleigh, NC area?  Interested in martial arts?  Come on over to Raleigh Wado-Ryu Karate! or sign up on Meetup.

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